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Should You Buy A Kindle?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The one habit that has been a ritual and stayed put in my routine over the last two years is reading. I made sure to read at least one book every month. This completely changed my relationship with books where I went from a place of forcing myself to read something to reaching out for it as a means of relaxation. Yes, that’s right. Reading became a part of my self-care routine. Now, I never go a day without it.

Initially, I loved reading from a physical copy of the book. I enjoyed the feeling I got from flipping through those crisp pages and just the smell of a new book made the whole experience so much better. Surprisingly, a lot of people read just for that experience. However, I realized it wasn’t really sustainable for me because I didn’t have much space at home to store the books. To be honest, some of the books I wanted to read were quite expensive.

Now, you might ask ‘why didn’t you just borrow them from the library?’. I didn’t have easy access to a public library and most of the time, the library didn’t have the book I wanted to read. So, in conclusion, I convinced myself to buy a Kindle.

Well, it certainly was one of the best decisions I’ve made, even though the Kindle was on the pricier side of things that I wouldn’t normally buy. And yes, I went through my dose of overthinking my decisions. Finally, I bit the bullet and invested in one. Okay, that’s enough beating around the bush. If you’ve been in a constant state of confusion or want to know if a Kindle is worth your penny, read along and decide for yourself.

Take it with you wherever you go

One of the main reasons I bought a Kindle (other than to read more, of course) is because of its high portability. I can carry it wherever I go as it is just the right size to fit in my bag. You have the choice of reading whatever you want, wherever you like. The battery life is quite solid as well. It lasts me more than a week even after spending 1-hour reading every day.

Lightweight compared to traditional books

The Kindle fits perfectly in my tiny hands and it’s quite light to my hold. Paperback books can be heavy sometimes and your hands get a bit crampy after extended periods of reading. In contrast, it is much more comfortable to read on a Kindle.

Adjust the screen to your liking

At first, I was quite surprised and impressed at how the screen gave off a paper-like look. It didn’t feel like I was holding a digital device in my hands at all. The brightness can be adjusted to your liking, however, I prefer keeping it low as it gives off the feeling of a physical book. Also, the Kindle I have is not very sensitive to my touch which I personally prefer, although it works pretty well otherwise.

Cultivates the habit of reading

I don’t know if you’d believe it but the number of books I read after I bought this device (it’s been a year) is so much more than the books I read in the past decade. I used to read like two to three books a year and now, I read two books every month! The Kindle has really upped my reading game this past year and I can swear by it.

Multiple books at your fingertips

This is yet another perk of owning a Kindle. You have more than just one book at hand with this device. Is the book you’re reading is not so captivating? No worries, you have another one on your e-reader. In the case of physical books, it would be such a hassle to carry books around. If you’re a person who likes reading two books at once (ex. a fiction and non-fiction), this would be just the right fit for you.

You might be wondering, ‘I can just do all this on my phone or a tablet, why give more to invest in an e-reader?’ This thought crossed my mind in the beginning too and I totally agree. I used to read e-books on my phone, but the blue light and the excessive screen time didn’t do me any good.

You can always purchase physical books and donate them after reading or just read them on your phone. Deciding to invest in an e-reader or not is entirely up to you, but one thing that I can vouch for from my experience is that it is worth every penny. Now, there are a lot of variants in Kindle and if you’re wondering about the one I own, it is the ‘Kindle (10th Gen), 6″ Display’ in black. It’s decent and perfect for people who’re looking to invest in an e-reader for the first time.

Quoting Anna Quindlen – “Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home.

Take care!

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