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  • Darshana Ananth

Self Doubt: A Burden you wouldn’t wanna carry!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Some mornings I wake up feeling empty questioning my purpose in life. Am I living my best life? Am I going in the right direction? Am I happy? These questions would circle like a mini tornado in my head making me contemplate my existence. Does this happen to you? I’m sure all of us have experienced self-doubt at some phase in our life. I have, for the most part.

Deep inside, do we know who we really are and what we are capable of? We keep asking ourselves so many questions! We doubt our capabilities. Take me for instance, I like to draw. It is therapeutic to me and when I finish my piece, I get a sense of satisfaction.

And then I see these other artists who are crazy talented and eventually I start comparing their masterpieces with my ‘oh so simple’ art. It is easy for us to judge and give up thinking we’ll never be as good as them. This is where you start doubting yourself.

Everything in this world has a process and it takes its own time. You cannot compare your Day 1 with someone else’s Day 100. That’s self-sabotage! Social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook have us believe that people have the most perfect life and we start comparing our lives with them.

What we need to understand is that people only choose to show what they want others to see. They don’t show us the difficulties they’ve been through, or the sleepless nights they’ve spent working hard on their goals. Always give it your best shot.

Love, Darshana

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