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  • Darshana Ananth

Get Out Of That Emotional Rut

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Being emotional beings, we go through drastic emotional phases or mood swings every now and then. Some days are blessed with smiles and other days, not so much. All of us are made up of energy and our emotions are a projection of our internal state of being. This energy can be felt by the people around you, be it happiness or hurt.

When we face tough times, we often crumble at the feet of our emotions allowing them to cage us. While we give it the strength to dictate terms in our life, we eventually lose control over ourselves. Although we train our minds to withstand setbacks and difficult phases, when that one thing that we weren’t prepared for happens, we fall prey to its clutches which sets off our emotional alarm.

Difficult times are temporary.

Oftentimes, when you are in an emotional rut, the feeling engulfs us in its misery leaving you stuck or at least giving out a sign saying you won’t be able to get out of it easily.

First things first, we need to come to terms with the fact that there is something causing us this pain or putting us down and accepting our emotional state for what it is. It is literally impossible to not feel down during tough times as it is natural and just how we are wired.

Once you learn to accept your emotional state towards a situation, let yourself feel the things that you’re feeling and then just let go. Holding onto it is not going to change what happened and it will only cause more pain and damage than intended. The experiences that we go through in life usually come to us disguised as tough lessons that we need to learn in order to grow.

You always have the choice of moving forward. Remember that your energy is precious.

Below are some practices you can follow to heal from your emotional stress and curb any ill effects on your mental well-being.

  1. Write down in your journal or a piece of paper, the emotions that you’re going through and how it is making you feel. It is a proven method to clear your mind of over-thinking.

  2. Talk to a close friend or someone you trust about how you feel regarding a situation. Sometimes, other people can see what you might be missing out on and help you with a better perspective.

  3. Just take a deep breath and give yourself some alone time to analyze why you’re feeling what you’re feeling until you get to the root. The combination of solitude and your thoughts can bring out some hard truths.

  4. Write a gratitude list. It is difficult to shine light on the negatives when writing about things that you’re grateful for. Your list would often outweigh the negatives in your life.

  5. Constantly remind yourself that certain painful experiences happen in order for us to learn a lesson or put us on the right path in life. It is all about our mindset.

Your past can teach you valuable lessons. Once learned, you need to stop dwelling there and move on.

Stressing over things that we can’t control is like inviting more stress and ending up in a worse place. Place your trust in the universe for it is always by your side, be it a positive or negative experience.

It is hard to believe and accept things during tough times but whatever happens, happens for the right reason. And know that you have to give yourself time to heal, it can take days or even months but you will grow out of your bubble eventually, stronger than before.

Take care.

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