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Dealing With Change

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

It took me a very long time to come to terms with the concept of change and accepting the very need of its existence for growth. My relationship with change hasn’t been very good. I used to run even at the slightest sight of possibilities of change in my life (happens even now sometimes).

I worshipped my daily comforts and routines that I’ve been following for quite some time within my safety bubble thinking this is all that I need to be content and live happily. It wasn’t until very long that I started feeling stagnant and a sense of fear that I’m somehow falling behind others.

All of us crave a new start but deep down, we’re too afraid to take that first step towards change. Questions like ‘What if I don’t like this newness?’ or ‘What if this isn’t something that fits me best?’ will pop in your head asking if you really need this in your life or can you do just fine without it.

While this is completely your choice, learning to accept change and co-existing in peace with it will help you grow out of the imaginary boundaries that you have set for yourself.

The reason we avoid uncomfortable or not-so-ideal situations is because we are resisting some feeling or emotion that we don’t like. One of the things that repel us from change is the fear of the unknown.

Getting out of our comfort zone means there are so many possibilities and not having a clear picture in front of us makes us nervous. Uncertainty is like a mask that change wears. It’s just a facade that hides the better things behind fear.

People hesitate as the fear of failing is high on an unknown battleground that they aren’t accustomed to. Laziness or lethargy can also be reasons for resisting change as lazy people like it easy and predictable which is the right opposite of what change has in for them.

It isn’t easy but we can make it bearable by looking at the wider vision of how it will improve your quality of life and growth habits.

To get a better idea, let’s imagine ourselves in a possible situation where we need to choose between our comfort zone and change. Let’s say that you have been given a huge opportunity that can make or break your career. It is relatively new and not something you are used to. Pursuing this opportunity means that you’ll have to sacrifice a certain amount of your boundaries aka your safe bubble and dive into a deep sea of possibilities.

For a minute, just set aside your fear of failing and think, ‘if I do this now, I am one step ahead than I was before’ and that is the starting point you want to strive for. This isn’t just for your career but also for your daily habits. Change up your routine and fit in habits that contribute not only to your well-being but also paint a life that gives you a sense of satisfaction. The goal is to grow out of your comfort bubble and make tiny signs of progress each day.

We love planning and mapping out how we want things to work out but then life happens. I know it can be disappointing and make us lose motivation to keep going with whatever we have. The catch is to stay open and not fixated on how things should pan out.

As humans, we have expectations and when life sabotages our plan with changes that we didn’t expect, it is natural for us to crumble. However, we have the choice to get back stronger with every setback.

To learn to live a life without regrets, we need to do things that we love and many of us aren’t even sure of what we want and love. This calls for going out there and figuring out what works and doesn’t which can be done only by taking a leap of faith and accepting the changes that come with it.

Embracing change-

  1. is a new beginning to manifest what can be better.

  2. is a learning curve and will get better with practice.

  3. is to have an open mind and heart.

  4. is to live in the present moment and not worry about the future.

  5. is having the power to control how you react to any situation.

  6. is being an emotionally intelligent individual.

Let’s try our best to get familiar with unfamiliarity by accepting how we feel in the moment and still go for it. Keeping the 3 C’s in mind – Challenges, Choices, and Changes.

Challenges are always going to be around the corner and we have choices to make them what we want which will bring about changes. Even if you don’t make a choice about something, it is still a choice you made.

Take care.

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