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25 Affirmations To Start Your Day

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

To be honest, affirmations are quite under-rated. Does this term seem new to you? Well, it is very basic and no rocket science. It is simply the act of speaking out positive words to create a positive/success mindset at any time of your day.

You either wake up with a fresh mind and body or wake up struggling with the burdens of yesterday’s worries. Affirming a few positive sentences at the beginning of your day can erase the worries of yesterday and favorably impact the coming moments of the day.

It is a way to curb that negative mindset and promote positive thinking. Some consider this a type of meditation that relieves stress.

When repeated on a daily basis, you’re feeding your subconscious mind which has the power to make anything possible when your mind is set on something. Just the act of affirming these statements brings about significant changes to one’s life in the long term.

Like a mantra, it engraves itself into your mind and bridges the gap between the conscious and the sub-conscious worlds of your mind. When this happens, your life will eventually start to align itself in line with your desires. You can either repeat them in your mind, speak them out loud or write them down in a notebook.

“An Affirmation bridges the gap between the conscious and sub-conscious mind giving way for miracles.”
  1. I am enough as I am.

  2. I choose happiness because I love my life.

  3. I’m capable of achieving anything that I set my mind to.

  4. I deserve the good things that the universe has to offer.

  5. I am worthy of love and respect.

  6. Today is a great/beautiful day.

  7. I release my fears and doubts & welcome confidence and faith.

  8. I am manifesting my dream life.

  9. I am free to do what makes me happy.

  10. My mental health and overall well-being is my top priority.

  11. I am becoming the best version of myself.

  12. I have the power to change my life.

  13. I am grateful for all that I have and will accomplish in the future.

  14. My dream life is achievable and I will get there by taking tiny steps every day.

  15. Money flows into my life abundantly.

  16. I forgive myself and others for any mistakes.

  17. I see the positive aspect of every situation.

  18. Success comes easy to me.

  19. I trust my abilities to do better in life.

  20. All that I need is already within me.

  21. I am more than my anxiety and grow stronger each time I overcome it.

  22. I can get through any difficult situation because I believe in myself.

  23. I will rise back stronger and bolder every time I fall.

  24. I love who I am in my own skin.

  25. I will stand firm in my values and will not compromise.

At first, you might find it silly or not worth your time but the results will show up slowly but surely. As they say, success cannot be rushed and achieved overnight.

Consistency is key. Give it some time and never underestimate the power of your words. They are quite basic but over time, these mantras become your reality.

Take care.

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